Ross Hobson
International yachtsman and world record holder   Ross

Ross Hobson has conquered the North and South Atlantic, set world records and survived mid ocean rescue.

He is unique in modern professional yacht racing in combining a profession with top level racing. Ross is driven by a single minded spirit necessary to succeed in the world's toughest short handed events. Ross is an accomplished public speaker and holds a RYA/DoT Yachtmasters Certificate with commercial endorsement, is qualified to ISAF standards in sea survival, as well as being a SCUBA diving instructor.

Ross first sailed at 4 weeks old on his uncle's boat in Islandmagee in Northern Ireland. At 15 he sailed his small 16ft boat, with a nervous mother as crew, across the treacherous North Channel of the Irish Sea. During his teenage years he was a competitive swimmer representing Northern Ireland, before returning to his first love of the sea. He has competed in the arduous peaks races, both as a sailor and runner. Displaying the drive and stamina essential in short handed racing.

As an accomplished public speaker he inspires and captivates an audience with his enthusiasm for his subject, sharing his stories of winning and surviving against all the odds. As a dental professional he is equally at home in the corporate board room or in a one-to-one.

Ross's race wins and records