Peter Hobson
Ross's eldest son. A qualified
Naval Architect with a 1st Class
honors degree from Newcastle.
Peter has worked at Boatspeed
in Australia, with Owen-Clarke
Design LLP and is currently
working at Ovington's.
An accomplished sailor
(he sailed on the National
Topper and Hobie 16 squads),
boat builder and designer.
Peter is the brains of the team,
developing and designing new
ideas and concepts in making
a boat go fast!


David Boatman
David is Ross's
right hand man and
responsible for all
logistics and boat
As a sailor, David
has won National
Championships and
is current Sonata
National Champion


Marc Pardailhe
Marc is a sailor and
prepateur extraordinary.
He has worked and
sailed on IMOCA 60's,
multihulls and is
CEO of the M50 class


Will Mitchell
Will is a minor whirlwind of
energy. As a sailor he has
won National and World
Championships and like
the rest of the team is able
to fix and repair anything.
He claim's he's camera shy!!